AudioIron Memoirs & True Stories

AudioIron: Memoirs & True Stories

If you have lived an amazing life, or survived an incredible experience, it’s natural to want to tell the world about it. But if you are not a professional writer, putting it all down on paper can take months or years.  You can hire someone to write the work for you, but your story will be told in their words, not yours.

We are experts in creating and distributing content across media.

We can help you share your story with the world in print, sound, and moving images more cost effectively, and more securely than the vast majority of ghost writers and our process takes weeks, not months.

  • We work with you to clarify what you want to show and tell the world.
  • We interview you in a recording studio to capture your story in your words.
  • We help you register your recorded interview in your name at the copyright office so it is clearly identified as yours in perpetuity. This is important if you want to sell or license the story to others in the future.
  • Then we use your words and images to create an attractive print book available on Amazon.
  • We use your recorded voice and licensed music to create an audiobook of your work you can distribute through Audible, iTunes, etc.
  • We use your recorded audio and your images to create a video and help you release it through Youtube, Amazon, and/or other video distribution services.
  • With your permission, and upon your request, we will promote your work for you through press releases, social media ads, and arranging interviews.
  • 100% of the work we generate is owned by you and only you.
  • We protect your privacy.

We help you tell your story securely, swiftly, and professionally, and then we help you share it with the world.  All our pricing is a la carte which means you can use only the services you need to achieve your objectives. We do as much or as little as you like.

Why do we do it? If you look around this site you’ll find our audio dramas where we showcase very talented actors. You’ll find our podcast where we share fully produced audio plays and interviews with experts on creating, producing, protecting, and selling great work.  If you dive really deep, you’ll find we run dozens of informative events to support thousands of writers, producers, actors, and other creative pros throughout the year.

At the heart of it all . . . great stories. We know how to produce content quickly, how to protect it, and how to distribute it. People come to us all the time looking for help telling their stories to the world while ensuring what they share remains content they own. It’s an invitation we just can’t resist.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we work and what we can do, email  Tell us a little about you, the story you want to share, and what you’d like to see happen with it. We’ll respond quickly with some relevant links and suggest some times we can chat. 

AudioIron Memoirs and True Stories