About AudioIron

Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer currently supporting 25,000+ entertainment industry professionals through face-to-face events, online events, and a wide variety of practical resources including this podcast. You can visit NancyFultonMeetups.com to learn more.

Audioiron is her recreational forum for showcasing performances, people, and ideas. If you are writer, screenwriter, or producer looking for something to listen to as you work, work out, drive, or garden, you’ll find this an interesting┬ásite.

If you are Interested in being interviewed or featured as an writer, screenwriter, actor, or producer send an email to nancy@audioiron.com. Generally speaking Audioiron features two kinds of content:

  • Interviews with entertainment industry experts, writers, screenwriters and producers.
  • Very short audio dramas featuring professional performers.

If you think you can bring something new to people who follow the podcast, we look forward to hearing from you.