About AudioIron

AUDIOIRON nurtures Creative Minds including Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Authors & Actors.  Audio dramas featuring great performers, interviews with experts, links to informative guides, we’re a warm well lit place for those who create and love creators.

Founder Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer currently supporting 25,000+ entertainment industry professionals through face-to-face events, online events, and a wide variety of in-depth resources. If you’re a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, or performer who needs practical help producing, funding, marketing, or distributing you your work visit NancyFultonMeetups.  You’ll find actually some helpful help moving your work forward.

If you are an author, playwright, or performer interested in creating audio dramas or audiobooks, email info@audioiron.com.

From Nancy Fulton — “Good Audio Dramas are plays told through amazing performances.  They bring what I love about Broadway and off-Broadway productions to anyone anywhere in the world. They give talented actors and playwrights the freedom they need to startle, surprise, delight, enlighten, embolden, and charm their audience. They unchain us from video screens and free us from the printed page.  I don’t know that a new play like Streetcar Named Desire would have an easy time getting produced these days. I’m not sure a new version of A Few Good Men could get made. I can bring projects like this to life as Audio Dramas and I think it’s an honor to do so.”